Saturday, July 26, 2008

Welcome to the Khaki Economist

While, ideally, I'd not be the Khaki Economist, but Macgyver, I'm going to play the hand dealt me.

There was always something vaguely boyish about Macgver. Well, not that vaguely. Week to week, he saved the world, or at least a pretty lady, from crazed Russians---who, let's be frank, want nothing less than chaos. He did so using his Victorinox, a chocolate bar, and his first-year chemistry course.

Being a vigilante, however, is probably beyond my capacity. Just yesterday, I almost broke down in tears telling a customer he was being rude. What isn't beyond my capacity, though, is pretending to be the Macgyver of Economics (yes, it deserves a capital).

This blog then, will with the odd reference here and there to my heroic aspirations, address a combination of problems:

  • The first are economic problems in the developing world. The editorial perspective here is one of cynicism.
  • The second is students' economics. The aim here is to provide links for students to read, and to dispel `simplistic economics' as a tool for analysis.
  • The third and final is to introduce economic analysis into areas not normally thought of as economic.