Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sarko's shower

Susana and I are are marrying in late January in Mexico. We´re both fairly young to be married (23), though this isn´t an issue to us; on the contrary, we are completely happy spending a lot of time with each other. I joke that one of the main reasons we get along so well is that we can wake up and talk about Hezbu´allah, or Sarkozy.

Gideon Rachman, from the FT, in his blog yesterday posted a nice little piece about the great French President:
For those of you who have not yet made it to p.24 of the second section (UK edition) of today’s FT, may I bring your attention to what seems to the single most amusing/interesting fact in today’s paper.

Paul Betts in his European View notes that, during the French EU presidency, France hosted a three day “Union of the Mediterranean summit” that cost 16.6m euros. He goes on - “On the occasion of that summit, a shower was specially installed in the Grand Palais in Paris at a cost of €245,000 for the personal use of the president. Mr Sarkozy never used it.”

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