Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reasons I'm marrying the right woman #792

A few weeks ago, Susie sent me an email wanting to know how to write in LaTeX. She liked the look of my documents, and thought her papers would look better if they were properly typeset.

I wrote a little how-to-get-started guide for her, with a couple of screen-shots, explaining the basic stuff. I thought, if she was really keen, she'd read one of the real manuals. After that, I didn't hear much, and assumed she must have given up on the whole thing---she is, after all, researching security and strategy, and doesn't need to write any equations or tables. On top of that, she writes in Spanish, requiring plenty of áccénts, which are a little tricky to do in LaTeX.

She emailed me one of her documents yesterday, and I had the shock of my life. It was laid out better than anything I've done yet. I know I shouldn't be attracted to Susie because of her typesetting skills, but it's hard not to be...

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